My top ten blog posts of all time*

I’ve been looking at stats for this blog and so far the most popular posts are these (in order);

  1. Fundraising Myths: No 2: You can’t fundraise without awareness
  2. Seven Secrets of Successful Fundraising*
  3. What’s wrong with Oxfam?
  4. Fundraising Myths: The full list
  5. Fundraising Myths: No 1: Cheap is good, free is better
  6. Why Fundraising Awards Are Evil
  7. Why I hate events
  8. Things I Learned in India
  9. Fundraising Myths: No 5: It’s the economy, stupid
  10. Fundraising Myths: No 3: New shiny stuff has changed everything

Interestingly enough, the top three posts account for almost a third of all post views (out of 35 posts so far).

No idea really why


*well since January when I started


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