Big appeals and scary targets

Today Sightsavers launches our biggest ever appeal. A Million Miracles is our campaign to raise $50m (£30m) to fund 1 million sight restoring operations by 2018. To make a million people see again.

This is big, scary stuff. All fundraising is about risk but we’ve really gone for it. The appeal

  • Has the biggest target we’ve ever set for any fundraising campaign. By a factor of ten.
  • Is the first appeal we’ve run across all seven of our fundraising markets
  • Involves dozens of individual fundraising and comms activities including a whole new website built from scratch in a month (thanks Open Fundraising & misfits)
  • Our launch event is a sight restoring operation in Africa being streamed live on the internet*
  • Followed by the screening of the moment the patient will be able to see again**. Hopefully.

What could possibly go wrong?***

*on Wednesday 8th October at 1.30pm BST at

**on Thursday 9th October at 1.30pm BST

***actually, LOADS of things…

4 thoughts on “Big appeals and scary targets


    Sounds ambitious and exciting, and very worthwhile!

    Nick Posford

    Head Of Fundraising

    T: 01494 797196
    P: Unit 10 Chiltern Court, Asheridge Road, Chesham, Bucks, HP5 2PX


    Connect with us online: [cid:imagedfa080.GIF@c2c7fd7f.44aae11d] [cid:imagefd9ff8.GIF@36bbbfdc.4fa4abce] [cid:imageb1e942.GIF@1088f59c.4ebb188a] [cid:imageca7514.GIF@fb8659c9.40940532]

    The Cardiomyopathy Association (Registered Charity No. 803262) provides information and support to families affected by the heart muscle disease cardiomyopathy. The charity also promotes best practice in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiomyopathy by providing education for doctors and specialist nurses.

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  2. £36,781, enough for 1,228 sight restoring operations in Africa and Asia. Amazing if true. So how many have you done and at what cost when air fares, hotel accommodation, per diems etc are taken into account?
    Forgive my cynicism but have seen these catchy fundraising lines promising good value for money before and yet with all the million spent on aid, still water is not running or mosquito nets unused.

  3. The Annual Report is deficient in detail so that it avoids sensitive issues such as how much is spent on 4* hotel accommodation, air travel and transport, entertainment etc. It does give details of salaries totaling €12,792,000 with a number of staff earning in excess of €90,000 + benefits.
    Sightsavers is looking to cynically access the valuable market overseas and its work is not wholly altruistic.

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