Open for business

Here’s a complete bombshell..I’m going to be a fundraising consultant. Yes, I knew you’d be astonished…..

Oh well then, yes of course it was inevitable. And the day has finally come.

Deciding what to call the consultancy was a real challenge. So I hired branding consultant who carried out a six month multi-stakeholder exercise including asking random questions of confused strangers. And lots of coloured diagrams.

The result is, you’ll agree both unique and inspiring. The new business will be called Aldrich Fundraising . That’s money very well spent.

I’ve even got a website

Perhaps fortunately, I’m not relying on my frankly limited web design skills or my even more limited ability for credible self promotion to get work. I’ve joined Tarnside Consulting, a proper grown up non-profit consultancy as an Associate and from the looks of things they are going to keep me rather busy.

That’s not the whole story, I’m working on another project which will be running, at least initially, alongside the consultancy. It’s still early-ish days but I’m excited by it.

More of that later. In the meantime, if you have, for some unfathomable reason a need for someone with my particular skills, you know where to find me. (To be fair, I’m better at marketing charities….)






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