6 peaks, 6 countries, 72 hours

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You’ve heard of the 3 Peaks Challenge, right? Or even the 4 Peaks which is basically the same thing but with added testosterone.

These are, I proffer to you, for sensible people pussies*.

Today’s truly discerning charity challengeer (have I just made that word up?) laughs in the face of your paltry three peaks. And sniggers at the really-trying-too hard-to-be-cool four peaks.

No my friend, myself and a group of equally deranged intrepid adventurers*** will at the beginning of July attempt the truly demanding Six Peaks Challenge.

We will in the course of an amazing 72 hours, scale the six highest peaks in six countries**. Travel 2,000 miles by minibus and ferry. Get no sleep for 3 days. Have to listen to Peter Muffet’s jokes.

And not only live to tell the tale but raise enough money to fund an entire school in Uganda for a whole year. Helping some of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable children get a chance in life. Through Lessons for Life.

All we need to raise is £10,000. That’s £30 per child getting a life-changing education.  It’s £1 per foot of mountain climbed.  £5 per mile driven by our 6 Peaks Challengemobile. And about a penny per blister.

All money raised goes directly to the school we’re supporting. Of course as part of Misfit Foundation‘s Directgiving philosophy, we’ll be reporting back on how the money is spent and on the changes it has made to children’s lives.

So you know what comes next. Why don’t you go here and support a child’s education in Uganda.

And one of the stupidest charity challenges ever.

* cats, in case you thought I meant something else

** England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland and the Isle of Man. You might claim some of these are not countries but good luck convincing the inhabitants of that.

*** Peter “Mad” Muffett,  Derek “Hardman” Humphries, Richard “Up” Hill,        Des “iring to be first” Michael and Imogen “Can I do it in heels” Ward.

****Plus drivers Gillian “will hit me if I give her a nickname” Egan, Chris “Percy” (don’t ask) Dickens and masseuse  Sammy Frost (you definitely don’t insult your soigneur). 

*****DONATE HERE please!



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